Armal is a leading company with many years of experience in the production of portable restrooms, mobile toilets and equipments. Armal brand is well known in the field of portable restrooms for being a highly technological innovator in the the sanitation industry.


Satellite provides convenient, on-site portable toilets at construction sites and outdoor events, allowing construction companies to see an increase in worker productivity and event organizers to gain increased sales due to the added time guests spend at their event.


Now there’s a toilet that can go anywhere people work. The PolyJohn Mini-Flush™ is a self-contained flushing toilet system for use in temporary offices, tool cribs, lunchroom trailers, railroad cars, buses, boats, mines and similar applications where a complete portable toilet enclosure is either inconvenient or won’t fit.


The Echo is assembled with high density polyethylene enabling it to withstand high amounts of impact and abuse without cracking or breaking. A front sloping tank top and domed floor design for liquid to drain rather than puddling.