Eco-friendly Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

  • The Solar Motion Sensor Light is designed specifically for portable toilets.
  • The light is inserted through the roof from above, leaving the solar panel exposed. A rubber gasket ensures that the fitting remains water tight. A back-nut is then screwed on from below.
  • An epoxy can be applied to the back-nut in order to prevent theft.
  • The light is fitted with a motion sensor which activates the light once movement is detected.
  • The motion sensor will keep the light on as long as there is movement. If there is no movement the light will switch off after 35 seconds.
  • The light is also fitted with a day/night sensor so it will not be activated when there is daylight.

Easy to Install: Simply cut a hole 1.5” (36mm) in diameter in roofing. Unscrew clear lens and back-nut from unit. Leave silicon O-ring in place. Switch light on by fully depressing white switch on bottom … light should stay on. Insert light through hole and screw the holding plate and clear light cover back on. Once in place, light will switch on/off automatically. Charge in sunlight. An Epoxy can be applied to back-nut to prevent theft.

  • 5 Super bright, cool white LED’s emitting 30 Lumens
  • 1.2v Ni-mh 600mah rechargeable battery
  • 2v 110ma solar panel with built-in day/night sensor and overcharge protection
  • Motion sensor with 6m/20ft activation zone
  • Lighting time is 35 seconds after movement is detected
  • Certification CE/RoHS/IP44