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Portion COntrol

A range of non-formaldehyde products including:

  • True X
  • Destroyer
  • ProPaxx Elite Packets
  • EverGreen Elite Packets

Green Products

EverGreen uses the most advanced ingredients to control odor naturally. It breaks down paper and waste to reduce mounding. It reduces organic material, lowers BOD, COD,TSS, FOG, and waste treatment costs. EverGreen is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

  • EverGreen Liquid
  • EverGreen Packet

Fragrance Enhancers

Our ecologically friendly J-Disks contain concentrated fragrance oils that enhance and compliment our deodorizers. Simply place one disk on the outside of the toilet paper rod, behind the urinal, the vent pipe, screens or trash receptacle.

  • J-Disks
  • J-Spray XT
  • Urinal Blocks
  • J-Screens

Graffiti Removers

Takes off markers, paint, pen, calcium buildup, dirt, soap scum, grease, tar and many more substances from portable toilets.

  • Art Blaster
  • Graffiti Blaster
  • Defeatt

Hand Sanitisers & Soaps

A range of sanitizing soaps and dispensers for Portable Toilets.