Eco-friendly Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

  • The Solar Motion Sensor Light is designed specifically for portable toilets.
  • The light is inserted through the roof from above, leaving the solar panel exposed. A rubber gasket ensures that the fitting remains water tight. A back-nut is then screwed on from below.
  • An epoxy can be applied to the back-nut in order to prevent theft.
  • The light is fitted with a motion sensor which activates the light once movement is detected.
  • The motion sensor will keep the light on as long as there is movement. If there is no movement the light will switch off after 35 seconds.
  • The light is also fitted with a day/night sensor so it will not be activated when there is daylight


Our street light systems are ideal for lighting internal roads, carpark areas and perimeters. The slim design with shorter pole is functional as a domestic or light commercial parking light, or simply as a pathway or area light. These lights look good on square poles as well as round poles.