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Satellite Tanks




Satellite Vacuum Pump Modules are easy to operate and to maintain. Logical and worry-free operation means more efficiency when operating the module, and less time lost when training a new operator. Easy to reach components make daily maintenance effortless. Using the accumulated knowledge from our users we have added some practical features such as a 1.5’’ (DN40) bucket-fill and practical hose hooks for you to work in an efficient and easy way.


Satellite Industries has been in business for almost 60 years. Thanks to our experience and long lasting relation with rental companies and operators we gained a lot of knowledge about how toilet rental works. This expertise is constantly used to improve our products and our service.


Satellite Service Modules offer great value for money. Not only is the initial investment reasonable, but the extensive use of strong and durable components makes sure that cost of ownership is as low as possible.


Satellite Industries aim is to supply you with the best products in the industry. Be it the toilets, the deodorizers or the service modules, we want you to enjoy your investment as long as possible. We underline our promise of quality and low cost of ownership with a 36-month warranty, the best coverage in the industry.


With offices and warehouses on strategic and central locations, Satellite Industries is never far away. Besides these physical locations we have a team of expert Area Managers and product specialists. Together with our partners we offer you the possibility to communicate in a multitude of languages and use local experience.


Besides ready-to-ship service modules, we stock the most common components and spare parts for modules, toilets and deodorizers in our warehouses in Germany and United Kingdom. With our expert team of mechanics we can assemble your new module in the shortest time possible. Together with our logistics partners we are able to ship within 24 hours of ordering.


Thanks to their aluminium construction, our MAL modules are the lightest on the market. With ever stricter laws on vehicle weights and higher penalties on overloading, you should try to keep your basic weight as low as possible. That way you can maintain a workable waste volume on your truck. Our aluminium tanks are 10-20% lighter than the comparable steel tank. The benefits of the lower weight will also be noticeable on lower wear and tear on your truck (less weight = less stress on brakes, tires & suspension) and lower fuel consumption.