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AMPS-Africa 2024 Conference Invite & Registration

The 2024 AMPS-Africa

Conference: 16th May
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Theme: Building Relationships
We are building relationships with the DWS & Municipalities
Join us and be part of our growing industry!

Conference Date: 16th May 2024

Connect with your industry and stakeholders!
Key Speakers: Industry Leaders & DWS

Venue: Focus Rooms Click Here (Modderforntien)

We hereby thank the corporate sponsors for their commitment and faith in the future of our industry.

This year we look forward to hearing from industry specialists who will share a wealth of knowledge and experience adding value to the event.

The Standards & SOP Documents are now complete. All members have access to these via the Dropbox link.

Conference Cost Per Person:

Members: R 850.00
Non-Members: R 960.00

Please click on the above link to register.

Join The Association of Mobile and Portable Sanitation Africa

You are invited to join the Association and be part of this initiative, working towards improving deliverables and perceptions within our industry.
The membership certificates are valid for one year from the 1st of March to the 28th of February.

Our Mission:

  1. To improve the perceptions regarding our industry.
  2. Be a point of reference for members, manufacturers, and the government.
  3. To improve corporate governance and the environmental impact.
  4. To implement standards and best practice guidelines for our industry.
  5. To make available training standards and facilitators to members.
  6. To protect and grow our industry including our network.
  7. To promote a yearly conference and invite subject matter experts.
  8. To get a better understanding of the size and opportunities.
  9. To organize a yearly conference with speakers on specific topics.


Chairman: Zweli Ndhlovu
Board: Gary Wiid, Paolo Lupini, Gary Bolt

Brenda Vermaak (Secretary) at

Visit our Website and join our Facebook group.