Cube HN for Disabled People

Cube HN Portable Toilet

ARMAL CUBE HN unit is designed for the comfort and convenience of individuals requiring special portable restroom facilities (i.e. patrons in wheelchair) or simply preferring a large restroom.

CUBE HN portable restroom is projected without architectonical barriers; it has a sloping anti-slip floor and it is spacious enough to admit a person in a wheelchair together with an attendant. The seat height, combined with the side handrails, allows easy movements from wheelchair to the wc. The pneumatic door closer is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for an easy access.


Technical specifications
  • Weight Empty – 126 kg
  • Tank Capacity – 165 l approx.
  • Seat Height – 48 cm
  • Internal Dimensions (L/D/H) – 160 x 125 x 220 cm
  • External Dimensions (L/D/H) – 220 x 160 x 225 cm
  • Material used – Polyethilene. Anti UV Treatment.
Some overseas loading simulations (standard unit without accessories):
  • 20 ft. container: 12 unassembled units
  • 40 ft. container: 18 unassembled units
  • 40 ft. High Cube container: 28 unassembled units
Some inland loading simulations (standard unit without accessories):
  • 1 pallet (4 unassembled units) 220x170x180 cm
  • 6,5 mt. Truck: 12 unassembled units
  • 13,6 mt. Truck: 32 unassembled units
Standard Accessories
3-rolls toilet paper holder
Optional & Tools
Air Fresh Dispenser

It contains ARMAL Air Fresh and it is installed inside the toilet’s doo, so it sprays the fragrance every time you open the door. It allows also the fragrance intensity regulation. Capacity 250 ml.

Hand Gel Dispenser

Easily to assemble on the toilet walls, it has a capacity of 550 ml and can be refilled with any normal hand soap or sanitizer.


For the more “conceited” customers, it’s possible to add in any cabin a small mirror. Its dimensions are 19.5×19 cm.

Night Lux Sensor Light

Thanks to a crepuscular presence sensor, it enlightens only when someone enter inside and only by night. Batteries duration: about 6 months.

Recirculating Kit with hand pump

Especially developed to ensure more freshness for the portable toilet, the recirculating kit prevents the waste of fresh water to flush the toilet. Thanks to a filter that has been manufactured on this purpose the water mixed with the super-concentrate can be filtered thinly and reutilized for the toilet flushing. The recirculating kit device works by hand-pump.

Transport Dolly for HN

The transport dolly is very practical for moving the CUBE HN from one location to another. Thanks to the transportation wheels, the HN toilet can be easily moved by only one operator.

Rivet Gun

This pneumatic tool is intended solely for use with rivets. We recommend the use of a lubrificator group for compressed air to protect the tool from premature wear and tear of the components in movement.

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