Green Products

Evergreen Packet

EverGreen water soluble packets use highly effective natural enzymes to control odor and liquefy waste & paper. EverGreen packet is completely safe for the environment, sewage treatment plants, and septic tank systems and uses non-staining dark blue color with J&J’s exclusive fragrances to leave the unit smelling fresh.

EverGreen Packet Gold

240 packets/case

  • For extreme heat and heavy traffic conditions
  • Perfect replacement for liquid charge

Evergreen Liquid

EverGreen uses the most advanced ingredients to control odor naturally. It breaks down paper and waste to reduce mounding. It reduces organic material, lowers BOD, COD,TSS, FOG, and waste treatment costs. EverGreen is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

EverGreen 1500

  • The most powerful Ultra-Concentrate formula in the industry!
  • For extreme heat & heavy traffic conditions (15 – 60 ml per service)

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