Chembros’ s J&J deodorizers are designed to provide the best odor control for your portable toilets.

In normal conditions, a 20 liter initial charge of water is adequate to achieve excellent odor crushing results.

However, extreme heat and humidity drive the evaporation of the water exponentially in the toilet. This causes mounding, rapid degradation, as well as increasing pH levels.

The ramp-up of pH causes a sudden change in color and a lack of fragrance and odor control.

Below are some tips that can help control odor under extreme conditions:

  1. If convenient, try increasing the initial water charge to 25 liters of water or whatever works best in your area.
  2. May need to increase the amount of deodorizer used due to extreme heat.
  3. The added use of fragrance enhancers helps to increase odor protection.
  4. A well-cleaned holding tank and urinal will help reduce residual odor.